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Academic Coach/French Tutor/ Workshops

Academic Skills Coach
Dr. Christine Herot, Academic Skills Specialist and Educational Consultant, has been helping Harvard undergraduate and graduate students for the past 10 years:

  •  improve their academic performance
  •  fine-tune their organizational skills
  •  reduce their performance anxiety
  •  learn invaluable time-management skills
  •  develop efficient reading skills

French Tutor
Dr. Herot is also an expert French teacher who has taught for over 20 years in groups and in individual tutoring settings and has received multiple awards from Harvard University for excellence in teaching. She offers private lessons for individual students or small groups of two students with similar levels of fluency. She can also help students with successful learning techniques based on her linguistic knowledge and psychology background.

Dr. Herot offers highly successful workshops on academic skills improvement and self-development:

  • time management and procrastination issues
  • preparing for exams
  • balancing school, work and life
  • developing self-esteem
  • grief and loss
  • mind and body relaxation techniques

Dr. Herot is a highly trained and dedicated professional who strives to ensure that each student reaches his or her full potential. She is committed to providing the highest quality coaching and tutoring to help students meet their goals.

 Dr. Christine Herot
Refined Learning
P.O. Box 381962
Cambridge, MA 02238

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